We were called in one week before the hearing of a bitterly fought High Court action concerning racing car sponsorship.  Defendant advised he would lose and face judgment for £250,000, the second half of promised sponsorship and costs.  We organised a settlement through mediation involving  no payment to the complete satisfaction of both parties who still continue in business together. Discovered in course of discussions that D was brilliant at getting sponsorship so the agreement provided that D would get a reduced fee gradually rising to normal as when the £250,000 was recouped. W/W. Claimant got added sponsorship.


Dispute after death of mother among the family who was entitled to the house; the son who had moved in with his family the year before, to care for the mother; the son who had always been promised it and helped the mother to buy it, or a division. A very bitter court action meant they were  sent away by judge to try mediation before she would hear it. We were told by both firms of solicitors there was no hope of settling but they had to go through the motions to satisfy the judge. We started at 08:30. Settled by 17:30 and to everyone’s satisfaction.


A High Street bank sought to evade payment under terms of guarantee. The client had been advised by 2 solicitors that the claim was hopeless. Tenant company had been wound up and the  Liquidator disclaimed lease. Bank said not liable under guarantee as no main debtor. We proved to the bank they were still liable to Landlord under old case law. Payment was secured in full; bank not wanting publicity.


Foreign company in dispute with English Co who were claiming £38,000. Investigation by us revealed counterclaim by foreign Co which the English Co would not accept. Result was defeat of English Co claim and recovery of £200,000 by our clients.


Large family dispute over trusts and properties in England and abroad totaling over £3million. Bitter feud between various members. Mediation meeting enabled trusts to be broken or renegotiated so as to share assets, or provide future solutions so that all those involved were satisfied without incurring huge legal and court fees.


A business lessee had legally deprived himself of right to compensation under Landlord and Tenant Act. Mediation with Landlords secured compensation in return for short term continued occupation without legal fees being incurred by either party.


Frequently called in by Insolvency Practitioners to scrutinise files for possible claims, and working with them to recover sums on a percentage basis alone. High success rate including recovery of £500,000 in one instance where funds were not otherwise available and enabling creditors to be paid in full.


Employee threatened with action for disclosing sensitive information contrary to SFA rules. Meeting enabled resolution whereby the employee remained in post and no action was taken.


Disputed election in religious organisation. Following investigation by us and report, meeting held and all issues resolved to mutual satisfaction without publicity or legal costs.

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