whoare-anthony-cowenAnthony was formerly Chairman of Legal Services Commission Appeal Tribunal (hearing appeals from refusals of funding for court cases) and of Legal Services Commission Special Case Appeal Tribunal (dealing with high profile/important cases and high risk costs), sat in the High Court with a Judge on costs appeals and has been involved in all aspects of civil litigation particularly dispute and complaint resolution.

Anthony Cowen has been on a number of charity and religious bodies including Vice President of United Synagogue 1996-2002, and of the Jewish Chaplaincy Board. He practised as a solicitor for 42 years and in 2002 qualified as a CEDR Accredited Mediator founding Cowen Disputes Resolution Ltd.

“During my 40 years in practice as a litigation solicitor I often witnessed the commercial damage that prolonged proceedings and attendant publicity inflicted upon my clients. Litigation is costly in money and management time, and its almost inevitable result is destruction or at best lessening of the relationship between the parties.

So I retrained as a Mediator for commercial disputes and created Cowen Disputes Resolution Ltd. in 2002. I am fully accredited to the CEDR.

My dual background allows me to help both individuals and businesses come to effective, fast low cost solutions to problems, either acting for one party or by being trusted by both of them as being an “honest broker”. All discussions and negotiations are conducted in complete confidentiality.

We specialise in helping to solve any type of commercial problem, avoiding the expense and adverse publicity of litigation. A trained qualified mediator can facilitate innovative solutions speedily at a low predetermined cost.

Our USP is a niche we have created in what we have dubbed “one sided mediation”, acting for one party alone in discussions with the other. This gives an opportunity to utilise mediation skills, and often the other party is actually grateful because the approach is not confrontational and helps reach a solution.

We also recover or resist debts on a purely percentage basis, so the client knows from the outset that if we do not succeed they have not risked further funds.

Whatever the problem, we aim to help solve it. We can tailor the fee to the circumstances (fixed fee, hourly rate, percentage etc.). An initial meeting where we ascertain the problem and say what we can do, is always free.

We are happy to assist clients of solicitors or accountants where our fee structure can be more helpful. In such a case we are always prepared to pay an introductory fee to the firm concerned.

Please do come back to me. I’m happy to meet and discuss this further.”

Anthony Cowen

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